Beauty Essentials - A New Style of Text Book

After an overwhelming number of requests from students and RTOs that don’t use our fully compliant resources, Skin Deep Learning is creating a new style of textbook.  Skin Deep Learning is expecting to release Beauty Essentials shortly after the new Training Package has been released.


Features of the textbook include:

Mapped to the required knowledge of the new Training Package

The student can study all of the required knowledge from one single book.  There is no off-topic content or cross referencing, reducing confusion and really targeting the students learning experience.


Mapping documents to the new Training Package 

The trainers will be provided with mapping documents for each unit. The mapping document will outline where information can be found in the Beauty Essentials textbook.


Modern, Engaging and Understandable

The student journey is enhanced with essential knowledge that is clearly communicated in a modern format. The student can focus on learning the practical aspects of beauty therapy when in the classroom.

Online Content

The student will have access to activities and some relevant video content to further enhance the learning experience.  No more pages and pages of still photographs that outline step by steps.