MineTan Body Skin


Student Esthetician Spray Tan Kit - special student-only pricing!

Begin your spray tan journey with the essentials from MineTan Professional. Partnering with Mine is partnering with decades of experience & innovation in tanning solutions and equipment that move with and ahead of the trends. This unique tanning philosophy was born from our rich Australian salon heritage. With unparalleled, high-quality spray tan solutions developed with skin-true shades for all skin tones and premium equipment for spray tanners of all levels, our range is designed by the experts for the experts.


​What’s included in the kit?

  • Tan.Lite 32000 Spray Tan Machine

  • Tan.Wave Portable Clean Air & Extraction Unit

  • Tan.Tent - Black & 1/3 Clear

  • 2 x Mine Pro Spray Mists (33.8 Fl.Oz/1L)

  • 25 Pairs of Sticky Soles

Please email au.contact@marqgroup.com for more information.

Website:  www.minetanbodyskin.com

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