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Amending Our Documents

In order to access Skin Deep Learning (SDL) resources, your RTO must have signed a License Agreement.

Under this Agreement, your RTO has a legal responsibility to use SDL resources appropriately, which includes not modifying our resources or creating derivative works based upon our materials.


This clause exists because SDL is renowned for constructing well thought-out and highly compliant resources, which are created by a team of professionals specialising in resource creation, and in collaboration with industry experts.


This page is here to help you understand how you can make changes to SDL resources whilst adhering to the Licence Agreement.

SDL Continuous Improvement and Quality Assurance process

Important note:


Our resources undergo regular audits and on the whole receive minimal to no feedback. When an RTO modifies our resources they are in breach of the Licence Agreement.


That being said, we understand that there is always room for improvement. That’s why we take feedback from RTOs seriously and have a rigorous Continuous Improvement System in place.


If you wish to make changes to our resources, please contact us first. Our Compliance Committee will review your feedback and determine the appropriate actions needed to make improvements. We will update our resources to incorporate these changes, saving your RTO effort while ensuring that our resources remain compliant.

  • What do I get when I purchase resources?
    Each Unit Of Competency (UOC) purchased will include the following documents: Learning Materials – Each student receives their own copy which can be purchased hardcopy or online. Evidence Map – A mapping document that outlines where evidence is collected. Student Assessments – You have the option to receive these printed for each student or online. Marking Guides – These provide benchmark answers for marking purposes. Observation Checklists and Performance Benchmark Guidelines – These documents must be used together when collecting Performance Evidence Classroom teaching resources – These are in the form of PowerPoints to be used to assist teaching. Policies and Procedures Manual – These are directly aligned to the Training Package and are general enough to adopt for training purposes for your RTO. Click here to view samples of our hardcopy resources. Click here to view samples of our online resources.
  • How much does a Unit of Competency (UOC) Cost?
    Typically, a UOC will cost on average $23.40 (exc GST). Discounts are available at certain times of the year and for large volume purchases. Please contact us for a quote.
  • What units do you have available?
    Please visit our Beauty and Hairdressing pages to find out this information.
  • Can I buy online resources?
    Yes, we have a range of online options you can tailor to the needs of your RTO. Click here for hairdressing online options and click here for beauty online options.
  • Can I obtain a Unit of Competency to validate before I make my purchase decision?
    If you would like to see a sample unit, please contact us via email with your details and we will send you SHBBMUP002 - Design and apply make-up or SHBHBAS001 - Provide shampoo and basin services. You can then validate the UOC to be assured of the Skin Deep Learning quality processes. If you need to see more than one UOC, please contact us and we have a Loan Agreement that can be entered into for certain RTOs.
  • Do you have minimum order purchase requirements?
    Yes, we have minimum purchases for first time orders. Once you become a customer, you can order as you need with 30 day payment terms. If you require up to 2 UoCs, you must order for a minimum of 10 students per unit. If you require more than 2 UoCs, you must pay a pre-payment of $5000. This amount will be kept in credit for future orders made with Skin Deep Learning.
  • Can I purchase resources under an unlimited Licence?
    No, our resources are strictly to be purchased per unit/per student/per year. We do not allow teacher copies, classroom copies or photocopying of resources. Each student must receive their own set of resources to keep. A Resource User Agreement must be signed annually to obtain the rights to use our resources.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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