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Avoid Delays on Mid-year Orders!


Ensure to get all orders in for mid year as soon as possible to avoid any delays. 

APRIL 2024


Free Instructional Hairdressing Videos


We have just released videos for SHBHDES003 - Create finished hair designs and SHBHBAS002 - Provide head, neck and shoulder massages for relaxation.

APRIL 2024


LMS Progress Reports


We have recently updated our Learning Management System (LMS)! Included in this update are two new reports designed to provide you with insights into your students' progress.

FEB 2024


Hardcopy Resources Price Increase


Due to inflation and the rising costs of paper and printing, we have had to review our pricing structure for our hardcopy resource offering.  

FEB 2024


2024 Pre-Orders


From now until midday on Dec 22nd, 2023, pre-orders for full courses will attract discounted prices (Terms and Conditions apply).​

OCT 2023


AI Generated Assessment Marking - Have Your Say


We're dedicated to simplifying the lives of educators. With the advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI), we've discovered a potential solution: AI-generated assessment marking.

OCT 2023


Beauty Videos - Have Your Say

As we near the completion of our hairdressing video series, we are eager to find out if you would also like us to make instructional beauty videos.

OCT 2023


Skin Cancer Prevention Forum


Skin Deep Learning will be presenting at this year's Skin Cancer Prevention Forum.

OCT 2023


Amending Our Documents


Understand how you can make changes to SDL resources whilst adhering to the Licence Agreement.

OCT 2023


Audit feedback and Continuous Improvement requests


This year, we have received numerous Continuous Improvement requests for our resources.

SEP 2023


Skin Cancer Prevention and Early Detection


We're thrilled to announce our recent collaboration with Skin Cancer Prevention Queensland!

SEP 2023


Superseded Units and Packaging Rules


We thought we would provide information from ASQA about teaching superseded units.

SEP 2023


Avoid Delays on Mid-year Orders!


Ensure to get all orders in for mid year as soon as possible to avoid any delays. 

MAY 2023


Audit feedback 

We have received lots of Continuous Improvement requests this year which is great.

MAY 2023


New Unit Releases!

We have recently released the unit SHBBSKS009 - Provide micro-dermabrasion treatments!

MAY 2023


Make-up brush set offer changes

Due to the difficulty in getting the make-up brush sets manufactured, we have to make a bit of a change to the offering of the free sets. 

MAY 2023


LTI link feedback

We want to make sure our customers using LTI links are getting the best service possible.

MAY 2023


User and Audit Guide

We have released our User and Audit Guide for our new assessment templates.

MARCH 2023


We require feedback on our Hairdressing Videos


We have now released the core haircutting videos. If you use our resources in hard copy, please contact us so that we can create logins for your students to access the videos.

MARCH 2023

Copyright_Section Image_1.png

Terms of sale reminder


Please remember that our resources can not be used as classroom copies or shared copies. If you have signed a Licence, you must abide by our terms of sale which is per unit/per student per year. 

MARCH 2023


Free make-up brush sets


If you have a backorder you are waiting on, we anticipate you will receive them in May.

MARCH 2023


PowerPoint compressing


We are compressing them at the moment and updating your drop boxes.

MARCH 2023


2023 Pre-Orders


From now until midday on Dec 23rd 2022, pre-ordered 2023 resources for full courses will be discounted (Terms and Conditions apply).

NOV 2022


Hairdressing Videos


We are very excited to be filming hairdressing videos at the moment for Cert III in Hairdressing.

NOV 2022


2022 Continuous Improvement Report

We are currently working on our Continuous Improvement Report which outlines all of the updates and version changes to our resources in 2022.

NOV 2022


Skin Cancer Prevention Forum and the Beauty Industry

Skin Deep Learning will be presenting at this year's Skin Cancer Prevention Forum.

NOV 2022


New SHB Beauty Therapy Training Package released


Click below to see our production schedule to help you plan for the change.

NOV 2022


Exclusive Skin Deep Discounts


Skin Deep Learning is collaborating with product companies to give you exclusive discounts on student kits that you will not see anywhere else.

NOV 2022


New Assessment Documents


We have structured our assessments a little differently to help you more with your audit requirements. 

SEP 2022


Mapping Matrix


We can assist you with the RPL of students from the old Training Package to the new one

SEP 2022


RTO Verification of Resources


Lots of RTOs are in the process of ensuring our new resources are valid to the new Training Package.

SEP 2022


Stock Management during the Transition Period


We are currently in a transition period of swapping out our old resources for the new Training Package resources.

SEP 2022


Introduction of Administration Charge


Due to the administrative burden on small orders, we have had to introduce an administration charge of $35 for any orders that are less than 5 units.

SEP 2022


SHB30416 – Certificate 3 in Hairdressing launch


We are excited to announce the launch of SHB30416 - Certificate 3 in Hairdressing!

DEC 2021


Australian Beauty Industry Award Winners

We are so proud to announce that we won the Best Educator of the Year (Organisation) award at the annual Australian Beauty Industry Awards (ABIA)!

DEC 2021


Online Resources


Skin Deep now has a suite of online resources available.

DEC 2021

Sustainable Work Practics.png

BSBSUS211 - Participate in sustainable work practices


Skin Deep Learning has released BSBSUS211 - Participate in sustainable work practices.

NOV 2021


New Look Website


We have launched our new website! We have designed it to be more user-friendly and informative for our customers and students alike. 

We welcome you to have a look around!

NOV 2021


New Templates


With the release of the new SHB Beauty Therapy Training Package, we will be launching new assessment documents.

SEP 2021


Performance Benchmarks


Skin Deep Learning will update Observation Forms to provide generic Performance Benchmarks, and include instructions to RTOs on how to contextualise the Performance Benchmarks to their training environment.

NOV 2020


Improvements and upgrades


To coincide with the new Training Package release, Skin Deep Learning will be upgrading the following compliance features of our resources.

SEP 2020


Make-up Brush Set


Receive a FREE professional quality make-up brush set with 2021 pre-order purchases of full beauty courses.

NOV 2020


New Look Learning Management System (LMS)


Skin Deep Learning has launched its new look LMS!

SEP 2020

TrainingPackageMockup (2).png

Draft 1 - New Beauty Training Package Released


Draft 1 of the Training Package is in the consultation phase until 16 October 2019.

JULY 2019


Copyright Infringement in your RTO?


ASQA has identified issues with copyright infringement in RTOs and has published some information about copyright. We have reviewed this and condensed it into a useful summary.

JULY 2018


A Special Focus on VET in Secondary Schools - ASQA


ASQA has recently announced that VET in secondary schools is a new risk area that is now being evaluated.

JULY 2018

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