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How do our resources benefit students?

Students using the Skin Deep Learning System will experience an exciting new concept in hairdressing and beauty therapy learning. The Skin Deep Learning and Assessment System is easy to use, fun, modern and targeted to exactly what you need to know to get your qualification. So no more trying to figure out what you should or shouldn't learn and no more boring text books to read!


Also, you will be eligible to join our exclusive online Hair and Beauty Community and watch relevant videos for your course on our YouTube channel. When you have joined the Hair and Beauty Community, you can chat to other students also going through the same courses, exchange study tips, ask questions about assessments and enter competitions to win prizes!

So, what is included in the Skin Deep Learning and Assessment System for students?

  • Magazine style learning materials.

  • Access to our exclusive Hair and Beauty Community

  • Access to our YouTube channel, which includes videos that are interesting to watch and relevant to your course.

  • Connect and make friends with your fellow hairdressing and beauty students all over the country to exchange ideas and study tips.

  • Enter online competitions to win prizes.

You as the student can have peace of mind knowing you are learning everything you need to know to be the best in your chosen hairdressing or beauty therapy career, while also enjoying your study time with fun materials and the online community.

"Skin Deep Learning resources are so easy to learn from and I thoroughly enjoy reading them. I’ve done a Cert II and III in make-up using other resources and am now doing my Diploma in Beauty Therapy with Skin Deep Learning resources and I love them."


(Samantha B. from NSW TAFE, New England Campus)

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