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How do our resources benefit compliance personnel?

Compliance is the foundation of all quality educational institutes.


The compliance professional ensures that all learning and assessment materials are compliant to the Training Package, whilst interacting with trainers and industry; this is not an easy task and takes a considerable amount of time. As detailed in the ASQA annual report, the new audit methodology is based around the student's journey, and as such, this puts more emphasis on learning materials.  Tracking this evidence has already been in-built into Skin Deep Learning's Validation Tool.


Use of our materials allows the busy compliance professional the ability to focus on finding that balance quickly and effectively. The Performance Benchmark Guideline provides detailed and general Performance Benchmarks to be used with the Observation Checklist and is able to be easily contextualised by the RTO. This will maintain the integrity of the system.

So, what is included in the Skin Deep Learning and Assessment System for the compliance professional?

  • Peace of mind that Skin Deep Learning has successfully been hundreds of audits.

  • An Evidence Map that provides multiple pieces of evidence for each aspect of the SHB Training Package.

  • Avoids reliance of the student to identify Training Package 'gaps' in current learning materials and then to fill them by reading the relevant sections of text books.

  • Performance Assessments and Observation Checklists with easy to understand instructions.

  • Policies and procedure Manuals for student learning purposes that are general enough for the RTO to adopt for training purposes. All Policies and Procedures have been written to cover aspects of the Training Package.

  • Removes the need for hours to be spent creating compliant learning materials, assessments, observations and policies and procedures.

You as the compliance professional can have peace of mind knowing that the materials are engaging to the learner, easy to understand, industry relevant but also extensively mapped to the requirements of the SHB Training Package.

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