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Free Instructional Hairdressing Videos

APRIL 2024


We have just released videos for SHBHDES003 - Create finished hair designs and SHBHBAS002 - Provide head, neck and shoulder massages for relaxation.


We also have videos for:

  • SHBHCUT002 – Create one length or solid haircut structures

  • SHBHCUT003 – Create graduated haircut structures

  • SHBHCUT004 – Create layered haircut structures

  • SHBHCUT005 – Cut hair using over-comb techniques

  • SHBHCUT006 – Create combined haircut structures

  • SHBHDES004 – Create classic long hair up-styles

  • SHBHCLS002 – Colour and lighten hair

  • SHBHCLS003 – Provide full and partial head highlighting treatments

  • SHBHDES002 - Braid hair


Empower your students with our free, instructional hairdressing videos, designed for an immersive, hands-on learning experience. Encourage your students to engage with these tutorials actively—practicing the demonstrated techniques in real-time to enhance  understanding. Our videos are most effective when students follow along actively, rather than just watching.

Students can take control of their learning journey with the ability to pause, rewind, and replay the videos, ensuring they can master each cut, style, and technique at their own pace. 

Interested in discovering how our tutorials can transform your educational offerings? Contact us today for a free sample video!

If you have purchased these units online, your assessors and students will automatically be able to access the videos.

If you have purchased these units as hardcopy, please contact us so we can give you access to the videos.

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