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SHB30416 – Certificate III in Hairdressing launch



We are excited to announce the launch of SHB30416 - Certificate 3 in Hairdressing!


The next unit we are producing is SHBHCUT007 - Create combined traditional and classic men's haircut structures.

Below are the units we currently have available:

Hair cutting cluster magazine*

Hair theory cluster magazine*

Hair colour cluster magazine*

Core units

SHBHBAS001 - Provide shampoo and basin services

BSBSUS201- Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices

SHBHIND001 - Maintain and organise tools, equipment and work areas

SHBXCCS001 - Conduct salon financial transactions

SHBXCCS002 - Provide salon services to clients

SHBXIND001 - Comply with organisational requirements within a personal services environment

SHBXIND002 - Communicate as part of a salon team

SHBXWHS001 - Apply safe hygiene, health and work practices

SHBHTRI001 - Identify and treat hair and scalp conditions

SHBHDES003 - Create finished hair designs

SHBHIND003 - Develop and expand a client base

SHBHCLS002 - Colour and lighten hair

SHBHCLS003 - Provide full and partial head highlighting treatments

SHBHCLS004 - Neutralise unwanted colours and tones

SHBHCLS005 - Provide on scalp full head and retouch bleach treatments

SHBHCUT001 - Design haircut structures

SHBHCUT002 - Create one length or solid haircut structures

SHBHCUT003 - Create graduated haircut structures

SHBHCUT004 - Create layered haircut structures

SHBHCUT005 - Cut hair using over-comb techniques

SHBHREF002 - Straighten and relax hair with chemical treatments

Group A - General Hairdressing

SHBHCUT006 - Create combined haircut structures

SHBHCUT007 - Create combined traditional and classic men's haircut structures

Group C - General Electives

SHBHBAS002 - Provide head, neck and shoulder massages for relaxation 

SHBHDES002 - Braid hair 

SHBHIND002 - Research and use hairdressing industry information

SHBXCCS004 - Recommend products and services

SIRRMER001 - Produce visual merchandise displays

SIRRINV001 - Receive and handle retail stock

BSBSUS211 - Participate in sustainable work practices

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