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Performance Benchmarks

JULY 2021


In recent times Observation Forms have come under scrutiny at audit and it is common for auditors to ask RTOs to provide evidence of the skills the student has demonstrated to complete a particular task on the Observation Form.  Skin Deep Learning will update Observation Forms to provide generic Performance Benchmarks, and include instructions to RTOs on how to contextualise the Performance Benchmarks to their training environment. You will see these new Observation Forms start to be released in the second half of 2021. Until these new Observation Forms are released, the RTO will need to create their own Performance Benchmarks.

Performance Benchmarks allow a standardised approach to judge competency based on what the generally accepted industry standard is. The Performance Benchmarks also need to include specifics of the RTO’s training environment, products, equipment and procedures used.  Each task on the Observation Form must contain Performance Benchmarks that have been developed and agreed upon by all assessors that will be assessing a Unit Of Competency (UOC).

As part of Skin Deep Learnings Continuous Improvement system we have updated a couple of UOCs, and you can see example Performance Benchmarks is SHBBNLS001 – Provide manicure and pedicare services, SHBXWHS001 – Apply safe hygiene, health and work practices,
SHBXIND001 – Comply with organisational requirements within a personal services environment, SHBBRES001 – Research and apply beauty industry information and SHBBHRS001 – Provide waxing services.

It is very easy to create Performance Benchmarks, just follow the steps below:

  1. For each observable task on the Observation Form, think about what a student would need to demonstrate to be deemed competent in the completion of the task.

  2. Create a companion document to the Observation Form that includes the Performance Benchmarks.

  3. Ensure all assessors use the companion document when completing the Observation Form.

  4. Students should also be informed of the Performance Benchmarks. It is a good idea to write them on the board while assessing, or give students a photocopy of the benchmarks.

  5. If an auditor asks what skills the student demonstrated to complete the task, show them the companion document created by the RTO.


Here are some examples:

The observable task is:

Prepare treatment area

Example Performance Benchmarks

  • Wipe down surface areas before use

  • Set up with clean linen

  • Ensure no leads are running across walkways

  • Ensure all equipment is available and in good working order

  • Ensure all products listed on the Treatment Plan are set up


The observable task is:

Prepare and present self

Example Performance Benchmarks

  • Wash hands before service

  • Wear appropriate PPE

  • Wear workplace uniform

  • Wear hair tied back

  • Wear minimal jewelry

  • Wear closed-toe shoes


Please contact if you would like assistance in creating Performance Benchmarks.

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