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Certificate III in Nail Technology


The below units are the units that we currently have available for this course. Units are continually being developed and released. You should check our website regularly to find out what units are in production, and what units have been released. Alternatively contact us if you have further enquiries.

Beauty Theory cluster magazine*

Core units

SHBBCCS001 - Advise on beauty products and services

SHBBNLS001 - Provide manicure and pedicare services

SHBBNLS003 - Apply acrylic nail enhancements 

SHBBNLS002 - Apply gel nail enhancements

SHBBNLS004 - Apply nail art

SHBBRES001 - Research and apply beauty industry information

SHBXCCS001 - Conduct salon financial transactions

SHBXCCS002 - Provide salon services to clients

SHBXIND001 - Comply with organisational requirements within a personal services environment

SHBXWHS001 - Apply safe hygiene, health and work practices

*Skin Deep Learning offers some units in 'clustered' magazines.'  A clustered magazine contains more than one unit in one magazine (see highlighted units above). If you have a special request to purchase units contained within clustered magazines separately, or would like more information on the clustered magazines, please contact Skin Deep Learning at

Cert III Nail Technology Contact

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