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Hi Sweet


Hi Sweet is a luxury brand of eyelash extensions that takes pride in quality lashes and personalised support to all customers.


Rhondda is a qualified beauty and eyelash trainer with over 20 years’ experience, including working for RTO’S. Her background in training and knowledge in eyelash extensions has equipped her to be able to provide your RTO with all the relevant training materials needed. These training tools and learning materials are all part of the Hi Sweet service, as well as on-going support to assist your RTO and students. ​


Receive up to 25% off student kits!

Hi Sweet is giving a generous discount to RTO’S using the Skin Deep Learning resources.


  • Each student will receive a Hi Sweet apron

  • All students will receive an ongoing 15% off all of the Hi Sweet products 

  • The RTO will receive a full range of the Hi Sweet products for free (valued at over $600)

  • The college will receive msBlack adhesive (valued at $120)

  • Extra samples and goodies are included in the student kits. The RTO can custom design the content of the kits.

  • Complimentary training and product knowledge is provided to the RTO when taking on the Hi Sweet range when over 20 kits are ordered.

Please email for more information, or click the button below.

Click the button below to visit Hi Sweet's website.

Click the button below to visit Hi Sweet's student kit price list.

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