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Mooie Make-up

Receive up to 40% off on student make-up kits!

Mooie has collaborated with Skin Deep Learning and developed a range of make-up kits designed specifically for RTO training, keeping tight budgets in mind. If the RTO is a customer of Skin Deep Learning, they can buy the kits at a heavily discounted price.

Complimentary training and product knowledge is provided to the RTO when more than 15 student kits are ordered.

Mooie Makeup is proudly owned and operated by Deb Frost of Westbury, Tasmania. Mooie's products are Deb's own chosen formulations. She has been involved with the choices in ingredients and consistency of her products, and has developed a brand of high quality products.  All Mooie products are made in the USA and Mooie’s range of tools and brushes are made in Hong Kong.  

Mooie's make-up products have been trialled and tested in numerous RTOs with great feedback.

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Review from TAS TAFE


"Deb comes into our classes and demonstrates makeup trends and techniques to our students (Certificate III and IV levels)  giving tips and tricks of the trade and explaining how to use MOOIE products to create both day and evening looks.  It is a great,  interactive way to talk about the products etc and to meet the owner of the company.  The students always love it and are always impressed that they can contact Deb to visit her salon/workshop to look at the whole range and even have one on one sessions as a follow up.   Deb customises the visits to co incide with what the classes individual needs are and works closely with me to plan and negotiate beforehand. 

Our Cert III classes have loved using the kits that we have chosen together each year and changed according to trends etc and feedback from each year..  we stock an extensive class kit to compliment their starter kit and the Certificate IV class utilises this also."

(Ilke Drury)

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